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Do you have the expert IT guidance necessary to plan effectively for your practice’s future?

With each step your Bellevue healthcare practice takes in becoming a more developed and effective operation, you need to be sure that your IT systems will support its important work.

Arranging one-off consultations with IT companies is inconvenient and expensive, but without the right knowledge, your technology may fail to meet the requirements of the ever evolving and highly demanding HIPAA regulations.

By simply looking forward with the right technical expertise and knowledge of HIPAA compliance, you can actually chart your practice’s future instead of taking risks and hoping for the best.

A Virtual CIO will help your business in so many ways, including:

  • An Expert Resource: We have extensive experience in helping organizations like yours to ensure their compliance with HIPAA in order to pass audits and avoid fines.

  • Long-term Planning: We help you to develop long-term IT plans that take into account important factors like your budget, projections, customer and employee needs, technology obsolescence, ongoing changes in HIPAA regulations and business goals to guarantee that your IT infrastructure will always support the changes your organization undergoes.
  • One Convenient Rate: As a Virtual CIO, we don’t demand a full-time salary or any of the other expenditures that come with an actual C-level executive employee. By fulfilling this position through a service, you save money and benefit from a single, easy to budget monthly rate.
  • Optimal IT: Tomorrow quickly becomes today; when you plan effectively for your future, you’re ensuring that you’re always prepared in the present as well. Not long after a Cyberstreams Virtual CIO joins your operation, you’ll soon see the benefits of proper planning take effect in your business’s daily work environment.

To learn more about what we will do for your healthcare organization as its Virtual CIO, contact Cyberstreams at {phone} or {email} right away.

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