HIPAA Disaster Recovery

HIPAA Disaster Recovery

Regulations require HIPAA contingency plans in the event of a disaster – whether it’s an earthquake, a theft, or a network system crash.

Regulators want to you to ensure that even in the face of the unexpected, your patients will still be able to get the care they need – backed by their complete health records.  In terms of patient care, a lost piece of ePHI is almost as bad as an ePHI breach.  To prevent this, your IT system needs to be flexible and responsive. A HIPAA contingency plan helps ensure this level of contingency security.

EMRSoap provides assistance in HIPAA Disaster Recovery Planning.  With this service, your practice will be able to ensure continuity of business and integrity of ePHI.  Leveraging key Medical Data Backup technology, we work to ensure that regardless of the situation, your practice can service your patients.  Our HIPAA contingency plan services will benefit you even if your practice already has an IT staff. Our experienced technicians are capable of providing backup and additional support in the event of an emergency.

With EMRSoap HIPAA disaster recovery planning, your practice gets:

  • HIPAA Contingency Plan processes, policies, and procedures – ensuring practice continuity
  • Minimized IT operational disruptions
  • Security assurance and improved risk management

With EMRSoap’s HIPAA Disaster Recovery Planning, you’ll have access to premium solutions that take your preparedness to a new level.  EMRSoap consultants work with a variety of disaster recovery service offerings to find the most appropriate plan for your specific needs.  This includes a broad range of redundancy, backup, and infrastructure continuity features that are found in both hardware and software product offerings.

If your practice requires it, our technicians have the flexibility to be an integral part of your HIPAA disaster recovery plans.  Our IT experts will respond to your emergency immediately, including evenings, holidays, and weekends.  With EMRSoap’s assistance, you can be sure of your capacity to respond to technical problems.

Contact us to get help setting up a HIPAA Disaster Recovery plan.

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Complimentary One Hour Health Check

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