HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance, HIPAA Compliant Encryption, HIPAA Compliant Security and HIPAA Risk Assessment

HIPAA Compliance

EMRSoap offers a full suite of services designed to help medical practices and business associates be secure and compliant with regulations.  The discovery processes of a HIPAA Gap Analysis and a HIPAA Risk Assessment will illuminate the problems to be solved.  We use our security expertise in HIPAA compliant encryption, HIPAA compliant security and HIPAA risk assessment to solve those problems, ensuring that your ePHI network is secure.

HIPAA compliance is important:

Practices face painful financial penalties with non-compliance.  This is especially true for practices seeking to attain Meaningful Use incentive money: federal systems do not want to disburse money to noncompliant healthcare providers.

EMRSoap and HIPAA Compliance:

HIPAA Gap Analysis – Do you know what you need to do in order to become compliant? EMRSoaps’ consultants are experienced in helping medical practices understand how to prevent painful audits.  Our methodological system takes your practice through each regulatory mandate required by HIPAA and HITECH.  A HIPAA Gap Analysis will provide your practice with the tools to make a strategic compliancy plan.

HIPAA Risk Assessment – EMRSoap’s engineers have managed network services for over 350 businesses in the Pacific Northwest.  As experienced IT consultants, we are well acquainted with the process of evaluating systems for potential security risks.  EMRSoap will provide your practice with an assessment of your ePHI vulnerabilities and compliancy issues.  A HIPAA Risk Assessment by EMRSoap will leave you with a thorough understanding of:

  • Risks to be addressed
  • Threats to the practice
  • Internal vulnerabilities
  • Likelihood and magnitudes of threat-realization
  • Prioritization of security issues

Risk Management – EMRSoap’s engineers are well acquainted with recommending and implementing IT security solutions for medical practices.  Security doesn’t stop with HIPAA compliant encryption or HIPAA compliant security: EMRSoap advises a multi-layer strategy for security, based on an understanding of the different sources of threats to your ePHI.  Becoming secure through ‘Defense in Depth’ requires a five step process:

  • Blocking network-based attacks – firewalls, anti-virus gateways, secure email, web filtering
  • Blocking host based attacks – personal anti-virus and firewalls, host intrusion prevention
  • Eliminating security vulnerabilities – patch configuration management, penetration testing
  • Safely supporting authorized users – passwords, VPN, Secure remote access, HIPAA compliant encryption
  • Tools to minimize data losses and maximize – data backup, audit tools

Using all of these methods may be cost-prohibitive.  Fortunately, HIPAA is application-neutral, and made to be scalable for practices of all sizes.  EMRSoap is well experienced in determining the right cost-benefit solution for your budget.

HIPAA Security Consulting – HIPAA has several regulatory standards that require precise technical planning and IT knowledge.  EMRSoap’s team has been advising businesses on security for over 12 years.  Many practices and small businesses do not have the technical background to be able to design and implement the required HIPAA compliant security and policies.  EMRSoap can help you strategize and find solutions to compliancy issues, including:

  • ePHI hardware and Media Disposal
  • Audit Controls
  • Access Control
  • HIPAA compliant encryption
  • Data Integrity
  • Transmission Security
  • Data Backup and Storage
  • Workstation Security

HIPAA Policy and Procedure Management – A large amount of HIPAA requires medical practices to have a long list of documented policies, whose implementation and evolution are tracked through time.  EMRSoap offers its clients proven document tracking software that help practices track the history of their compliance.

Contact us today for more information on becoming compliant and secure.

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Complementary One Hour Health IT Risk Discovery Session

Not sure how to start making your practice smarter through Health IT? Not sure if your business needs to be HIPAA compliant? Schedule an complementary one hour Health IT discovery meeting with one of our consultants, and we'll help you determine what your practice needs in order to be secure and competitive in today's business environment.