Managed Healthcare IT Support

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Managed Healthcare IT Support

Would you like to take control of your office’s network and technology budget? Are you frustrated when IT issues keep you from focusing on your patients? Managed healthcare IT services bring the expertise your practice needs for reliable computer network support.

EMRSoap’s managed healthcare IT services provide assessment, design, implementation, management, monitoring, and computer support services for all your healthcare computing needs.  Whether your practice has one doctor or fifty, EMRSoap has the experience and skill to provide best-in-class HIT service and Healthcare it support to foster your small or medium sized practice to maximize its IT investment.

What is Managed Healthcare IT Support?

Small and Medium Sized Practices of all shapes and sizes have reasons for needing Managed Healthcare it support.  Whether if your practice is too small to have a full-time IT staff member, or if your practice is expanding more quickly than your team can respond, our seasoned HIT staff can assist.

By choosing EMRSoap’s Managed HIT staff, you’ll be able to augment and improve upon your office’s own Healthcare it support staff, regardless of what they that entails.  Our team has vast experience in adjusting to individual practice context.

With our proven managed healthcare IT services, you get a Senior HIT Consultant for the personal executive level strategic planning and performance accountability required for long term success. There is a dedicated lead HIT Network Engineer to coordinate day to day availability, a Helpdesk team for a quick response to issues, and an administrative assistant to keep track of it all.

Using a careful combination of remote technology and in-office visits, EMRSoap’s HIT staff provide your practice with the expertise you need, when you need it. With ever-increasing IT demands in the healthcare market, our staff allows you to flexibly scale and adapt.

Contact us to find out how Managed Health IT can benefit your practice.

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Complementary One Hour Health IT Risk Discovery Session

Not sure how to start making your practice smarter through Health IT? Not sure if your business needs to be HIPAA compliant? Schedule an complementary one hour Health IT discovery meeting with one of our consultants, and we'll help you determine what your practice needs in order to be secure and competitive in today's business environment.