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Would you like to confidently stride into the new future of tech-driven healthcare?  Are you lost when it comes to achieving Meaningful Use Consulting or HIPAA compliancy?  Are you frustrated that you can’t focus on patient care, and instead have to spend your time dealing with network issues?

Outsourced Healthcare IT solutions provide a strong technological backbone so your practice can thrive in the new world of healthcare.

EMRSoap provides outsourced Health IT consulting services for healthcare providers and their business associates.  Whether you need regular IT maintenance, improved network security, HIPAA consulting, or a new EMR, EMRSoap can augment your practice’s medical expertise so it can perform better and reduce costs.

Whether you have a modest or sizeable budget for technology and security, EMRSoap has experiencing in providing best-in-class outsourced Healthcare IT services for medical practices of all sizes.

What is Health IT Consulting?

Today’s medical practice has increased information technology needs.  With government Meaningful Use incentives pushing doctors to adopt EMR systems, complicated HIPAA regulations governing the protection of patient ePHI, and an ever-evolving landscape of security threats, doctors face completely new HIT concerns that extend far beyond basic IT.  To address these, EMRSoap can augment your office’s IT staff with our healthcare expertise, or provide an entire HIT staff at a fraction of the cost of hiring a single permanent staff manager.

EMRSoap clients use us to do everything from single-time Meaningful Use or HIPAA Compliancy consulting projects to long term Healthcare IT services and security and complete IT management.  We have significant expertise in adjusting to the size and scale of individual practice needs.

EMRSoap has built its core services around the Healthcare it solutions necessary for a successful modern medical practice.  While providing full-solution Health IT Consulting services,We specialize in Meaningful Use, EMR, and HIPAA/HITECH Compliancy consulting, seeking to reduce the technological complexities facing your practice.  In addition to our specialized healthcare knowledge, our engineers have proven experience in general IT management and maintenance; they’ve been providing IT solutions for medical practices since 2003, and for small and medium businesses since 1997.

Healthcare IT services provides your practice with the regulatory and technological expertise it needs in order to be profitable, focused, and stable.

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Complementary One Hour Health IT Risk Discovery Session

Not sure how to start making your practice smarter through Health IT? Not sure if your business needs to be HIPAA compliant? Schedule an complementary one hour Health IT discovery meeting with one of our consultants, and we'll help you determine what your practice needs in order to be secure and competitive in today's business environment.