Meaningful Use Consulting

Meaningful Use Consulting

While the Meaningful Use (MU) incentive payments proffered by the government seem like free money, that dream is often dissolved by the complexities of attaining it.  EMRSoap’s Meaningful Use Consulting provides solutions to the confusion that prevents practices from getting the money they deserve.

Meaningful Use Consulting guides practices through the intricate process of reporting the proper information, changing your practice to comply with Meaningful Use standards, and attesting and acquiring Meaningful Use payments.

EMRSoap’s MU Consulting can help guide you through important considerations, like:

  • Is my EMR certified by the appropriate authorities?
  • How much money can I get in Meaningful Use incentive money?
  • How do I demonstrate Meaningful Use?
  • How can I effectively monitor, manage, and maintain my EMR sysftem to achieve Meaningful use?
  • Which Meaningful Use attestation options should I choose?
  • How will the Meaningful Use landscape change over time?

With the successful completion of Meaningful Use attestation, your practice receives a series of large government checks: over time, up to $44,000 or $64,000 depending on the incentive program that best fits.  In that context, having experienced Meaningful Use consultants guide you is well worthwhile.  However, if your practice attests incorrectly, it could lose as much as $12,000 of those incentive monies, and in the worst case, face financial penalties or jail time.

EMRSoap’s Meaningful Use Consulting can help you with all stages of acquiring Meaningful Use incentive money.  Whether your practice needs help discovering how it should go about demonstrating Meaningful Use, or requires assistance throughout the Meaningful Use attestation process, we can help.  EMRSoap is fully capable of adjusting our level of assistance to your individual need.

Contact us to find out more about Meaningful Use Consulting.

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