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Afraid of picking the wrong EMR solution?  Not sure how to go about making a choice?  Do you want to switch your EMR system, but you’re not sure what the best option is?

With over 400 products on the market, our EMR consulting process helps navigate the complex problems associated with choosing an EMR system.  Our honed methodology, EMR Choice, examines hundreds of different EMR systems.  With a simple visit and a short turnaround, you will have a shortlist of EMR suggestions that are individually tailored to your practice specialty, size, and individual pain points.  Once we’ve helped you select your product, our technicians will aid in EMR implementation, so as to ensure a smooth transition.

EMRSOAP’s experience in EMR solutions will provide your practice with:

  • Faster decision making process
  • Weighing of on-site or cloud-based EMR system
  • Understanding of how different EMRs match your needs
  • Painless EMR implementation

While we do have certain preferences, our EMR consulting decision making process, EMR Choice, is agnostic.  We aim to guide your practice to the best EMR for its individual circumstance.  Our job is done when your EMR implementation process goes smoothly, and your new EMR system matches your needs.

EMR Choice

From our first interaction with your practice, EMRSoap takes your unique situation into account.  We use our systemized methodology, EMR Choice, to understand your key information and guide the decision making process.  EMR Choice helps your practice understand relevant questions like:

  • Are we facing workflow problems?  What sorts? Do we need an EMR system that can correct problems like data-entry errors and patient backlog?
  • What kind of medical technology do we use in our practice?  What EMR systems work with the devices we use in our practice?
  •  What EMR systems makes sense given our budget constraints and needs?
  • Does a particular EMR makes sense for my specialty?  How well does this EMR play with referrals?

Once we meet with you and discover your practice’s information, we put it through our ‘EMRChoice’ decision matrix that produces EMR product recommendations, as well as considerations on how you should be thinking about the EMR market.  Our ‘EMRChoice’ Process is based on over 10,000 doctor interactions and evaluates hundreds of EMRs – you can feel confident knowing we can help you find the EMR that fits your needs.

Contact us to get help choosing the right EMR for you.

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