Document Management

We partner with a local digital imaging company to provide high-quality document scanning and indexing solutions. Using a complete, regimented preparation and scanning process, we are able to match documents with a high efficiency.

How does it work and what are the advantages?

  • Automated scanning operation to convert paper documents to digital format
  • Ability to query/search information from charts using patient identifier and/or unstructured data
  • Faster and more effective than hiring temporary staff for scanning project
  • Creates an audit trail for accessing and retrieving all electronic documents
  • Fewer errors associated with billing discrepancies

EMRSoap provides document management solutions ideal for healthcare organizations. We guide you through the process of converting your paper records into a digital/electronic format – making them easy to search.

Life just got easier with EMRSoap. Whether you are ready to convert some or all of your patient charts, we have the capacity to automate your process!

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