EMR Solutions

EMRSoap Healthcare Technology Services

EMRSoap offers a full suite of healthcare technology services, and our team has the capacity to manage all of your practices’ technology needs. Need some help choosing an EMR, becoming HIPAA compliant, or managing your network? EMRSoap is ready to help! Our Health IT Solutions, EMR solutions, and HIPAA solutions will keep your practice safe and growing.

EMR Solutions

EMRSoap’s EMR Solutions will improve your efficiency and security while saving you money. A correctly aligned EMR solution from EMRSoap’s will even improve the quality of your patient interactions. Transitioning to EMR will allow your practice to implement proper document management techniques and avoid the clutter of paper copies.

    • EMR Consulting

      We provide recommendation and implementation guidance to find the best-fit solution for your healthcare practice – over 400 EHR/EMR software vendor options available!

    • Document Management

      We will help transition your office out of paper records and onto the right EMR Choice for you – setting you up to compete in a technological marketplace.

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Complimentary One Hour Health Check

Not sure how to start making your practice smarter through Health IT? Not sure if your business needs to be HIPAA compliant? Schedule an complementary one hour Health IT discovery meeting with one of our consultants, and we'll help you determine what your practice needs in order to be secure and competitive in today's business environment.