Am I a Covered Entity?: A Guide to Determining if Organizations and Individuals are HIPAA Covered Entities

Determining whether or not you are or are not a covered entity is relatively straight forward, but is a hugely important step in becoming HIPAA compliant. So just in case there is anyone out there in the health care industry who is not sure about their standing as a covered entity, HHS produced a handy set of covered entity charts.

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The above chart (click to enlarge) provides a straightforward answer to the question “Am I a Covered Entity?” Basically if you provide regular heath care, and any of that information is sent or stored electronically, you are a covered health care provider.

Now that your status as a covered heath care provider is established, it is time to get to work making sure you are HIPAA Compliant. All covered entities, regardless of size, are responsible for meeting HIPAA Omnibus Rules by September, 2013.

If you have more questions on becoming HIPAA Compliant, please contact us before your firm and clientele suffer from a breach. EMRSoap’s HIPAA Compliance Consulting services can get you on the way to being safe, secure, and compliant!

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