About Us

About EMRSoap

EMRSOAP is a Health Information Technology Service and Solutions provider headquartered in Seattle, WA. In partnership with CyberStreams, a local IT consulting firm, we provide Health IT solutions to small and medium sized businesses, focusing on healthcare practices. With 30+ years of combined experience, our consultants have worked within different phases/entire software development life cycles.

What is SOAP?

  • Subjective
  • Objective
  • Assessment
  • Plan

SOAP is a common note-taking methodology used by healthcare providers that also describes our service process.  We take in your Subjective needs, like internal preferences about your practice management.  After that, we study your Objective Health IT measurements, like your level of HIPAA compliancy, how secure your practice is, and what your current system setup is.  Pairing the two, we produce our Assessment for your practice, along with a Plan to advance your practice forward with smarter information technology.

“Advancing Healthcare Via Smarter Information Technology”

For more information or any questions about us, you can contact us at:

Email: benw@EMRSoap.com

Phone: (206) 299-2386

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Complimentary One Hour Health Check

Not sure how to start making your practice smarter through Health IT? Not sure if your business needs to be HIPAA compliant? Schedule an complementary one hour Health IT discovery meeting with one of our consultants, and we'll help you determine what your practice needs in order to be secure and competitive in today's business environment.